How do you know if your engine oil is low?

Many recent cars consume oil between oil changes and most don’t have a warning light to warn you if the oil level is low.

Even in many cars with an oil monitor, you will not see a warning if the oil level becomes lower. Driving low on oil can cause engine problems. This means, check the engine oil level with the dipstick regularly.

How to check the oil level on a dipstick: Warm up the engine. Park your vehicle on a level spot. Set the parking brake. Make sure the transmission is in Park.

Turn off the engine. Wait for a minute or two to let engine oil flow into the oil pan. Find the engine oil dipstick, usually it has a bright handle saying “Engine Oil”. Careful, the engine is hot. Check for precautions, read the instructions and find the location of the oil dipstick in the Maintenance section of the owner’s manual for your vehicle.

The oil level should be between the “Low” and “Full” marks. We recommend keeping it close to the “Full” mark. If the level is low, time for a top-up!